Lesley DeHaan


It took me a long time to get here, probably much more than it should. I spent years on set, then years more in the Production Office, all the while painting and creating when I was done for the night. Most weekends saw me taking continuing education art courses through the Vancouver School Board or Emily Carr College/University.

Now though, I am pursuing work that matches better with my passion.

In the middle of last year, I worked on a show called Untold Stories of the ER. It was a tiny show and, although I was the Art Director, I was also the designer, artist and runner. I worked the whole gamut from designing and creating the work to picking it up from the printers. Shooting an episode a day created what seemed an impossible schedule, but with the help of the Production Designer, I was ready each day with the work needed.

That experience, and the even smaller show I worked on afterward, helped me become intimately familiar with, not only the job I had to do, but the interaction that was needed between me and other departments. Budgets had to go to the PM and accounting, Props had labeling they needed, Set Dec needed new signage everyday, Transport needed to dress their picture cars, internal injuries had to match with Makeup’s work, etc. I was in people’s offices all the time, coordinating, planning and creating. Then I was on set as often as needed, running in newly changed GUI for the computer screens, or discussing an arm break with the visiting doctor whose story we were telling.

This is a new chapter for me and I am more than ready to pay my dues to work up through this fairly new to me department. I understand that you are crewed now, but if you are looking for an Art Department Assistant or Coordinator in the future, please consider giving me a try. I hold second category in the Art Department right now, but am hoping to make it my primary IATSE 891 department soon.